Saturday, February 26, 2011

Disconnection -A Reality!

With another move in our future, we're starting to feel the "disconnect" to daily life here. This part of the transition is a great temptation to disconnect from the necessary things and take a few others along with the process.

The fact that it's 8 degrees F this morning makes the decision to do online church with First Baptist Woodstock a little easier! But, in reality, we're beginning to disconnect with our church here. Only a few more weeks before it's a physical disconnect! And, the heart just isn't in the same place as it once was!

Disconnecting doesn't mean "ending something". It's a necessary part of moving or changing. Relationships don't diminish in value, but the upcoming move necessitates adjustments in relationships. When we moved here, this was one of the lessons I learned about my friends in the states. Their lives moved on because they should have. It was hard to realize that my move changed the relationships I had back home. But, it was necessary to experience both change and some disconnect for all of us to live in the moment, where God had placed us for that time. Life does go on, children do grow up, friends make new friends - it's a reality!

When we get too focused on the next thing - we disconnect too early.
When we get too focused on the current thing - we don't disconnect at all.
When we only focus on our "loved ones" and not the reality of the transition - we disconnect from the reality before us.

Honestly, it's a balancing act. And it isn't easy. Disconnecting happens naturally because of all that's involved with moving (especially from one continent to another). There's a lot to do in a little time. And, ministry continues (PTL). Can't forget why we're in any moment at any time!

I also learned that the people whose lives aren't in a similar transition have to accept the reality of disconnecting as well, and it can be hard for them to understand. It is what it is!

As a wife, I have the added responsibility of following Tim's lead, helping him stay balanced. And, with all the added stress we have to make sure we're on the same boat!

We were recently invited to a church that we've never been too. Honestly, my heart just sank. I expressed appreciation for the invitation, but explained we only have a few Sundays left. The person then said, but that is still time for you to visit. And they are right. But, we won't visit. The disconnects are just too hard to add new ones to the mix at this point.

Relationships are gifts from God. They don't have to end thanks to the age of computers, VOIP phones, email, etc. God brings people in and out of our lives for a season. Some seasons are longer than others. Every relationship serves an eternal purpose - and we shouldn't miss that. While it's just plain fun to be with friends - we can't overlook the fact that relationships are important and we have something to learn from every relationship.

Disconnecting is a necessary reality during transitions in life. Life changes and relationships change! We need to value them at every stage!

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