Monday, February 7, 2011

How do you measure time?

Time. It's an interesting thing if you think about how you measure it. Yes, I know there are 24 hours in a day. Seven days in a week. Yea, yea, I know all that. But, I've caught myself considering a different measurement for time lately. Knowing that we'll be moving back to the states in late April, I've started to view time a little different. None of my new measuring has been intentional - that's what so interesting. I've just found myself repeating the same phrase "before we leave" over and over in reference to time. Here's some of the things I've measured differently.

Lotion - We just opened our last bottle of Cetafil from the states. I found myself wondering if it would last until late April or if we needed to request our next team to bring a bottle. How many bottles of Cetafil do you use in 77 days?

Soap - I used to buy multiple bars of Dove soap at the Metro Store, but considering the time we have left here, I thought it best to only buy what I would need. How many bars of soap do I use a month?

Chocolate Chips - The pantry is almost bare of chocolate chips! How should I spread out my batches of cookies between now and the return to the states?

Orchids - Both of my orchids are in full bloom right now. Everyone talks about how "hard" they think they are - but they are wrong. I want to give them to someone who will really enjoy them, but I want to enjoy them myself as long as I can. So when would be best for me to give them away and still enjoy them for a bit longer?

Bounce Dryer Sheets - I realized I had more of these than I would need. I've been cutting them in half, but I was thrilled to find out I can throw a full sheet in even if I wash and dry clothes every day - no counting needed for this one. One time revealed an abundance!

K-Cups - no more counting days here - they are all gone! Now, it's how many days since I've had one.

Starbucks - I've almost threatened Tim not to fix one more cup of coffee daily than he intends to drink. That Starbucks has to last!!!!!!

Friends - when will be the last visit and how many visits can I have before then?

Worship with English singers - How many more Sundays do I have to wait to sing worship songs with a church full of English singers? I'm counting them down!

Well, you get the idea. Time can be measured in many ways. How do you measure it these days?

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