Thursday, July 28, 2011


LONG TIME NO SEE! I know we’ve been pretty hit & miss with correspondence, Facebook and blogging recently. Sorry! We’ve just celebrated 3 months back in the states and our lives have been packed full every day!

In the middle of all this, I developed corneal ulcers on my left eye. For 3 weeks, I had to put drops in my eyes every hour (24 hours a day). I didn’t sleep for more than 2 hours for 3 weeks. Praise God, after 5 weeks and quite a scare the doctor released me last week. I’m still not back in contacts … but contacts are only a couple of weeks away. (I’ll try to write more later about how God showed Himself over and over through the “eye thing”.)

We are attending the Church at Viera with Pastor Mark Ragsdale. It’s a congregation of about 1,500 with a daughter church in Cocoa. We love it! We’re still members of Cornerstone in Greensboro – don’t know how long it will take to move our membership – our hearts will always be there! Check our new church out at

I’m finding it difficult to work a full time job for the first time in over 20 years and manage things the way I like. Those who know me well know I’m a compartment-alizer! I like everything to fit in it’s own space in my day and my life. That would include just about everything. Even though I’m not too upset with the unexpected, (and I like change) I do like to plan those things that are necessary (eating, sleeping, washing & ironing clothes, etc.). Working 8 hours and adding almost another hour of travel time if you include both ways to and from work, there aren’t a lot of extra hours for things that don’t already have clearly defined compartments. So, the blogging and internet has suffered. I’m writing this during my lunch hour and will upload it when I get home.

This is my attempt to catch you up. (Please don’t be offended that you didn’t hear from me individually. There just isn’t enough time – and I know everyone has the same questions so I’ll just answer them here – once!)

Tim attended training in Utah for the new business in July. He returned excited and ready to get to work. Tim has just completed the licensing and requirements to start the new business, “Wood Like New”. He is starting to give quotes and hopefully will be doing jobs really soon. The business is a franchise of “Nhance” which is a green method of refurbishing wood cabinets and floors without sanding down to the original wood (and about 25% less cost). It’s a really beautiful alternative to replacing old cabinets.

We started looking for a house soon after moving here. We considered renting but felt it was not the best stewardship when you compared renting and buying in this depressed housing market. Unfortunately for sellers, but fortunately for us, it was the time to buy. We found a great realtor – GREAT! I would highly recommend Lori Natartez for anyone in the Viera/Rocklege/Melbourne, Florida area who needs a house. (I digress). Lori found us a house about to go into short sale that fit our “dream” list completely. God willing, we will be homeowners on August 4. And everything appears to be on “go”. With the inspection already done, we don’t expect any surprises.

I have been blessed with a job with Christian Care Ministry. I was so “not” excited about looking for a job. I know many people are out of work and a lot of them have been out of work a year or more. It was hard to even ask people to pray for me to find a job. I didn’t want to talk about it too much on FB or online because I was sensitive to those out of work. I applied for about 8 positions – all the while asking God to only offer me the one particular job He wanted me to have. And, He provided far more than I expected. I started work on June 20 for Christian Care Ministry. It is the umbrella for Medi-Share Medical Bill Sharing. It is one of only four medical bill sharing plans that were exempted from the Obama Insurance Mandate (or whatever you call it). Please take time to look at to learn more about Christians committed to medical bill sharing and bearing the burdens of others in the body of Christ.

I work in member services with seven other absolutely precious individuals. We begin each day with prayer and sharing each other’s concerns. We talk to members all day long and we are expected to pray with each one we talk to (imagine that?). Each Wednesday the entire ministry in the Florida office comes together for a 30-minute chapel. We have 4 pastors on staff and when they share it’s like being in Bible Study. Last week our Appllication Department was in charge of chapel, and they led us in 30 minutes of Scripture reading and worship in music. It’s a great mid-week worship!

I’ll talk more about Christian Care ministry later – it’s a really good thing!

We are still staying with Angie & Stewart. They have been amazing and beyond generous with whatever we might need. If anyone has been uncomfortable it’s been Tim and I. We’ve never before experienced the kind of welcome and generosity they’ve shown us. My nephew, Alex, has been patient and an absolute joy to be with. And if you’ve seen where they live, well, let’s just say it hasn’t been a struggle!

I think that should answer most questions you have for now. I’ll definitely try to get back on a better schedule once we get in the house.

Don’t think we’ve forgotten anyone out that who stays in touch! Please forgive us for not being better at staying in touch and answering your emails.

Bottom line, our precious God has been way more generous than we could ever deserve.

Well …. Lunch is over and now Marsha (is again) on the move!