Sunday, January 9, 2011

It's official!

Decisions, decisions! It's been a wild ride these last six months. From one day to the next, we didn't know where we would be in a year. We've heard opinions from people all over the world about what we should do. We've seen the "impossible" become the "possible". And, in the end one voice was the only one we needed to hear. It's that same voice that brought us here in the first place - and it's the only voice that really matters to me.

In a little over three months, we'll pack up the few possessions we have and head back across the Atlantic. First stop, Rockledge, Florida where my sister lives. After a couple of weeks, we'll do a road trip through S.C., N.C. and possibly a stop in Georgia before we start the task of finding jobs.

Join me here for updates and for my honest thoughts as I ....marsha, am once again, on the move!

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